Social Media Marketers are a very fortunate bunch; we can make use of a variety of unique and free social media tools to help us create better posts. Then there are free tools associated with the social networks itself. Pinterest Analytics, Facebook Analytics, Instagram Analytics and finally, Twitter Analytics.

Ideally the next step to this are rightfully knowing that we are deducing fine from the analytics and putting proper reports in place for future improvement and optimization.

So our go-to twitter reporting tools are ofcourse the Twitter Analytics dashboard and Buffer, as a social media management tool. Let us decode these two and understand as to how we can utilize both for our better understanding.

The Buffer dashboard gives a very macro level view of your tweets while with Twitter analytics you can actually look inside in a far better detailed micro level and the two complement each other perfectly to give you the complete picture of how great your tweets are faring. Buffer gives one a quick insight into the important statistics for the latest tweets and scheduling facilities while in the Analytics Report we get the likes, impressions, reach page level and also post level. The reports on both can be customized according to one’s own will.
The most useful and widely used twitter analytics stat includes:

  • Trend Insight: (Reason behind any valley or spike observed, unaccounted factors, reaching the next milestone time estimate).
  • Monthly performance overview: (Top tweet, top follower, top media tweet, top mention, top card tweet etc).
  • Average tweet performance for benchmarking: (How are the tweets performing against the goals?).
  • Top 10 interests of followers: (To give guidelines for postings ideas and content).
  • Type of Engagement: (Types of Retweets and Likes).
  • Engagement Rate: (What/which post resonated with the audience the most).
  • Most Significant Shares
  • Reach for Tweet including Retweets
  • Comparison for Hashtags: (How do engagement, likes and rate of engagement fare for each set).
  • Impressions
  • Engagement on different times of the day
  • Rate for video completion: (What percentages of the videos were completely watched?).

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