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Expect More From Your Email Marketing Company

Is managed email marketing service right for you?

Email marketing is a cost-effective solution that gives you the power to reach customers in a place most people visit every day — their inbox. There’s plenty of data to back up the benefits of email marketing. Email marketing can be the most powerful of all marketing when implemented correctly, it’s not as shiny and sexy as Social Media but it is by far the most effective way of directly affecting your bottom line and actually growing your business.

Emails That Convert:
Emanate Marketing produces powerful results with email campaigns that
Reach target customers at the right time
Resonate with customers’ interests and needs
Drive traffic to your site
Strengthen existing relationships

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“No matter how old it gets, email marketing will still be relevant.” – Paras Arora

What You Can Expect From Us


Define Campaign Objectives

We make targeted, easily measurable and shareable email marketing campaigns that help you reach us to wider audience


Integrate With The Website

With constant contact integration on your website, we’re able to deliver contact forms to your visitors, which helps you build email lists.


Manage The Contact List

We track and highly personalized targeted messages on volume emails. Which help us collect data manage the list accordingly.


Designing The Emails

We customize the layout of your email campaign. Keeping in mind your business goals and getting an exact ROI


Reporting The Full Metrics

We analyze your campaign as it progresses – adjusting keywords and strategies to ensure that you’re remaining competitive.


Performance Optimization

By conducting a thorough analysis, we understand your company objectives in order to create effective campaigns that bring a positive ROI.

“Email is the glue that binds everything together.” – Michael Stelzner.

Benefits Of Our Email Marketing Service

At Emanate we make sure that your email marketing campaign gets an exact ROI that can be easily tracked and is also proven to be high. We track and utilise customer behaviour with highly personalized targeted messages on volume emails.

Using interactive feature we help you push messages to your clients unlike a website which literally waits for the customers to finally come in. So, your email marketing can prove to be one aggressive mode of marketing wrapped in an efficient, time-cost savings, personal wrapper! Hence at Emanate we help you in making targeted, easily measurable and shareable email marketing campaigns that would reach us to wider audience at the most cost effective prices in the market.

Email Marketing is over 20 times more effective over what we know as traditional media. Within a very small budget email marketing can drive worthwhile traffic to your website or storefront. It is reportedly 6-12 times less expensive as compared to selling to an existing customer over a new one. It also helps in building up of deep relationships which potentially help in driving greater profitability.