Have you ever considered all those times when you ended up downloading applications and have not used them or the newsletters you’ve subscribed to and never bothered to read out of the fear of missing out on important things? Each of those signups and downloads is a result of an effective ‘call-to-action’.
It is essential to have a step by step process planned to guide your visitors through the whole buying journey using strategic calls-to-action (CTAs). Food for thought – if you wouldn’t have been led through the whole process of signing up so persuasively through the CTA, you would have used very few apps and received very few newsletters than you do now.


Listed below are 5 examples of CTAs that totally rock.

1. Jive

The fastest and easiest way to grab user’s attention is by making your CTA stand out from the rest of your landing page with bright colors. Jive is one of the examples of a bright CTA. They have a busy background image as their homepage, yet, the call-to-action set far away will come to your notice among the major distractions in the form of the windows, people, and flying pages. As you can see, the bright orange color stands out from the remainder of the dark background. ‘Try Jive’ used on the CTA helps visitors build trust and works as a differentiating factor for their brand.

2. Evernote

One of our favorites, Evernote’s ‘Remember Everything.’
The tagline ‘Remember Everything’ used on the landing page of Evernote, lets visitors relate to the product immediately. The design on the website makes it extremely easy for the users to see how to sign up and the benefits of using the app. Additionally, the green color of the main ‘Sign up for free’ button stands out from the remaining white text on the banner and is the same color as Evernote logo.

3. Netflix

What is one of the biggest fears we have before we sign up for something? It is the pain of going through the entire long and tedious process of canceling the subscription if we don’t end up liking it. The “cancel anytime” copyright reassurance, just above the “Join Free for a Month” reassurance CTA, makes it easier for the user to sign up. The red color of the primary CTAs, match Netflix’s logo color. You’ll also notice the background image is a collage of the latest trending shows.

4. Humboldt County

Humboldt County’s website is breathtaking in itself. The full-screen beautiful video reminds you of the Alice In The Wonderland movie. What we really love is the eccentric call-to-action placed at the bottom center of the page, featuring a bunny icon and the phrase “Follow The Magic”. It complements the video playing in the background, making you feel like you’re about to enter a fairytale.

Further on the website turns in a sort of an adventure game letting you choose which path you’d like to take with the fun call-to-action, resulting in users spending more time on the site.

5. Barkbox

The main sentence, ‘Congratulations you’re a dog person’, on the home page immediately catches the attention of the visitor and relates to the ‘Subscribe’ CTA for people that are signing up for themselves. While the second sentence, ‘Takes one to know one’, relates to the “Give a Gift” CTA for the people out there who want to give Barkbox as a gift. It is living proof that they know their customers or audience very well.
If you pay attention, there’s a cute pop-up call-to-action on the right side of the screen prompting users to chat. Click on it, and a dialogue box pops up that reads, “Pack member now chatting”. Talk about a delightful experience.

By now we hope you know how important having a right CTA can be. What would you add to the list? Leave us a comment!

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