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Let’s take a look at all you need to know about Schema markups and their role in rankings.

One of the very recent developments in the world of SEO is Schema Markup. Being the least utilized SEO tactics, many do not know the power that it possesses in taking the sites to the top of the search engines. If you have a clear and in-depth knowledge of Schema Markups, then this is easy. Boost your website and let us dive deeper into how this is possible –

We all know that the sites or pages that rank on Google’s first page are here after a long struggle. But, the struggle is worth it. Unless the optimizers and webmasters worked hard strategizing brilliant on-page and off-page search engine optimization (SEO) tactics, this would have been least possible.


Reaching the first page is not the end, but the CTR (Click Through Rate) is another aspect that needs your attention. CTR should be well-optimized; you might have seen or experienced that though you might be ranking somewhere among the first three positions in the SERP (Search Engine Result Pages), traffic is poor. This is not unusual with optimizers trying to rank for keywords that are highly competitive, which ultimately leads to low CTRs. Shifting your focus on title and description leads to acquiring higher rank for competitive keywords, which is meant to attract user attention.

You can of course work on creating titles and descriptions that lead to better CTRs. But, remember you are not alone in the race. So, making your title and description appear attractive will take you nowhere, because a low CTR will lead you to lose rankings. With higher CTR, your site falls into the good books of Google. But we can fix the mismatch between CTR and SERPs that matter in ranking. This is possible with schema markup.




Let us find out further how Google and schema markup take your rankings toward the right direction.

Firstly, it is important to have a clear idea of what exactly is schema markup.




A schema markup is nothing but a set of code that you will insert into your site, providing further insight into your content for the search engines that will display your site in the search results. It is an underrated on-page SEO technique; but, these days many webmasters are actually utilizing it to their advantage. It provides the extra spark needed by Google algorithms to further understand your content. But, machines, unlike humans, have their limitations, so there are things that are beyond its understanding.

This is where schema markup comes into scenario providing Google and the search engines with the information needed to further understand your content.

Schema markup can be considered as a mediator between your site and Google that helps Google in further understanding your content. The output is displayed as rich text across the search results. It is not only the title and description, but Google also displays ratings within the SERPs. These ratings will create a curiosity in people, which leads them to click the website. The tactic is simple – this helps to generate attraction and trust.

Depending upon your requirements, you can choose from the variety of schema markups that are available. It is recommended that you always choose the related schema markup.

You can use the Google structured data markup helper to create schema markups for your website and here is a list of the data types:

  • Events
  • Articles
  • Products
  • Local business
  • Software apps
  • TV episodes on the basis of their ratings
  • Book reviews



Now, you know that unless you choose the markup based on their data type, there won’t be any specific change in the rankings.

We need to understand how schema markup affects search engine rankings.

In order to display excellent results, search engines are utilizing schema markups for analyzing and understand your content in-depth.

Conditions apply: Schema markup is not the one factor that will decide the ranking of your site. (The fact is that schema markup is being counted as a serious factor recently.) But, you will acquire a better ranking with this.

If reports are to be believed, around 0.3% of websites utilize the schema markup, while 99.7% are still not aware of its advantage. And, as per the reports around 36% of the keywords get at least one schema markup in their result. But, there is another 34% that do not have schema markups in their SERPs.

This is how schema markups and search results are closely connected. This means that though it might not be the most important factor or though it might not directly affect your ranking, still it influences your ranking.

So, We can assume that Google considers schema markup as a ranking factor.

Also, when you are using schema markups, ensure that it is relevant to your webpages or website. This will help in getting a better ranking in the search engines. But, ensure that you do not indulge in any kind of manipulative ideas as Google is looking out on whom to penalize the next second.

Let us find out how schema markup will drive a higher traffic.




User experience is one of the ranking factors that Google is looking for. All these years, as we know, Google has been focusing on persuading websites and businesses to alter their websites by providing a user experience that is out of the world.

This is again where you can apply schema markup. It provides an enhanced user experience for searchers. The point is that the results that Google comes up with comprise reviews within the descriptions.

The user can go through the review and, if interested, can click on the site for more info. The rating has already provided the user with an idea of what kind of a site that they are entering.

This helps the user to get further information on the SERP, which is another attraction of using a schema markup.

Since you helped the user with a clear idea of your site here, Google returns your courtesy by ranking you better in the SERPs. User experience has an important role to play.

Well, your CTR’s ranking will change for better over time.

With rich snippets, webmasters reveal that there was a 30% increase in their organic CTR.

Where can we use schema markups?

It can be used across all kinds of websites and blogs. Utilize the advantage of schema markup codes, including logo, geo coordination, and author. Include these markups on your website and attract Google’s eye. Though, it might seem to be a tedious task, in the long run, it will provide you with great results.

You have the provision to add markup for various pieces of content.


WordPress sites and Schema markup



WordPress is being used widely by all. Most of the bloggers and webmasters are choosing wordpress to create websites.

With the Schema Ninja plugin, you can attract as many visitors as you please to your search engines. Also, with little help from schema markup, you can ensure that the site ranks on the top by bringing about a lot more conversion and engagement on the consumer side.

Using the WordPress plugin, you can bring about an improvisation across:

  • Content Recommendation
  • POPUP Recommendation
  • Top 10 Recommendation
  • Hello bar recommendation
  • Schema Recommendation
  • Sidebar recommendation
  • Footer recommendation
  • Coupon recommendation
  • Offer recommendation
  • Expert recommendation and more…


Now, you know how schema markups can be implemented to improvise your site’s rankings.

That’s not all. You can read more on improving your search engine ranking from the guide drafted by our SEO specialists.

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