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10 Social Media Tools to try in 2017

Juggling all the different hats as a competent social media manager can be a difficult job. But there are a lot of tools that helps and make efficient management of social media a pretty simple task.

Here is a list of such 10 tools, which we at Emanate Digital recommend:

1. Hootsuite: An enterprise level social media management tool which has been used and loved by over 10 million online marketing managers all over the world. Hootsuite comes with its own team of tools, to further assist in creating content for the different social networks more simple. A number of accounts can be managed simultaneously, posts can be scheduled and superior analytics reports can be extracted out of it.

2. Canva: It is an extremely easy-to-use tool used for graphic designing and comes with a simple drag and drop interface. It provides us with access inside millions of graphics, photographs, fonts and layouts. It is equally utilized by both amateurs and professionals and finds urgent application in graphics and print media design too.

3. Tailwind: A highly effective Pinterest  account manager tool useful for finding end-to-end solutions for all your queries. It helps to discover content, monitor conversions, schedule your posts, analyze results and amplify maximum reach. All of the mentioned services managed using just one tool.

4. Flipagram: Social Media primarily requires grabbing all the attention of your target audience and getting you new clients while making sure that the old ones remain intact. It is a fun tool that allows its users to create small 15 second photo-video stories. It instantly rose to popularity, in the year 2004 and achieved more than 33 million users within the first year of its launch.

5. Brand24: It is not possible for a social media manager to respond to Twitter mentions all the time. Brand 24 takes care of this particular aspect. It provides with all significant real time information and any activities that might be recorded. It keeps you alert and also assists in saving time. This helps in responding to all kind of comments easily.

6. Bundlepost: This tool is a smart one as it helps scheduling of content 5 days beforehand in only minutes time. Also it converts words into popular hashtags as and when it might find relevant so that helps in bettering the marketing decision too. It makes all marketing endeavors even more effective.

7. Mulpix: Designed mainly for Instagram this particular tool allows the Instagram search engine to follow names, brands and people when given reference for specific mentions, locations, names or hashtags. It helps locate people who might be beneficial to your business by searching through all images, videos and even comments for relevant hashtags.

8. Bundlepost: When your business name is mentioned it is an important parameter for success and popularity of a certain brand. It unearths all user-generated content concerning your business.

9. Crowdbooster: The whole concept behind this tool is to get hold of potential customers and clients and turn them into real time buyers. It gives a detailed and much insightful analytics which makes tracking analytics a lot easier. After getting a thorough knowledge of the buyer’s persona it becomes much easy automatically to sell a particular service or product to someone.

10. Inkybee: This is another such tool which helps in managing brand activity that involves your brand in social media. With just about 24 hours a day it becomes difficult to prioritize all your marketing efforts without any effort at all. A great tool when required to keep an eye on all kinds of social activity and provides clear data analytics to work on a better real time basis.

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