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What are the 3 essential aspects of SEO?

SEO is one of the major ingredients of the web design and development process. You cannot escape it if you really wish to take your business to the next level over the web. Another important thing about online business is that it is here for a purpose and it should be strong enough to attract people and draw them into the sales funnel. As you know SEO is beyond keyword research and competitor analysis and it is pertinent to your online business that you keep yourself updated with the latest emerging trends.

If you fail to do SEO, your business will never reach its target audience and undoubtedly, no one will ever know that you are online. Your competitors will continue to grow and you will fade away. SEO is an essential factor for any business to succeed online. But, what are the latest emerging trends that you need to check out before you start optimizing your website?
Here, we have got all that you need to consider before optimizing your site for search engines:

1. Mobile optimization:
Remember the last update that was rolled out by Google in April 2015? Of course, we have come quite a long way after this particular update was unveiled, because Google never leaves out a chance to work on enhancing the user experience. So, there has been ample of updates after Mobilegiddeon was made a compulsory strategy for website optimization in the April of 2015. Google declared that any site that was being constructed and all existing sites will be ranked based on whether they have been optimized for accessibility across mobile devices. Even if you leave out a single webpage, all chances are that Google will pull it down the SERP’s and you will start experiencing a downflow in the traffic. So, optimize your site for all mobile devices as you know your customers are smart and they are using Smartphones to go online. And, Google will not compromise on anything lesser.

2. Your keywords, meta and title tags:
In a recent update, Google has changed its ranking strategy in terms of Meta and title tags.
Wondering what it is? More than a ranking strategy as we know Google is concerned with user experience. When a user is looking for some information and types in a keyword into the search engine, Google will display related results but the prominence goes to sites that have a longer description for Meta and title tags. So, if you have been trying to reduce the character limit of your Meta and title tags, you can now relax as Google loves to see it the other way. And, also now you can see a rise in a number of results that mean much the same in context to your search query with the Humming Bird update. You can find answers to similar questions but with different keywords.

3. Video Content and Social Media:
As you know people’s love for Video Content is increasing and a look at influencer sites such as the Moz, Quick Sprout, and BackLinko etc. are utilizing the power of video content. Include some awesome videos on your website. Both people and Google love these. How active are you on the Social Media sites? When you share a link to one of your articles over the social networking sites such as the Facebook or LinkedIn then, automatically it gets more visibility and a lot more shares and traffic, which means Google will start thinking about your article as one of the best ones and takes it to the top.

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