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Do you have a great website? You have spent dollars in designing your website, and you were expecting a massive turnover from this online money mine of yours. All in vain! But to your disappointment things didn’t work out as expected. Why is that happening? You have visitors, but they don’t even want to check out what you have got for them. The exemplary graphics, the awesome content and what not! But, then where did you go wrong?

Here are some of the reasons that force people to leave your website:

1.) Loading Speed:
Designers are being told every time that they need to do something about the loading speed. One of the factors that determine whether your visitors will stick on around for a long time depends on how long it takes for your site to load. Do you know the psychology of these visitors? They will not wait for a second longer if your site is participating in the snail race. They will hit the back button on the browser and proceed to the next site in the Google search results. According to expert reviews, a visitor tends to stay on a site for not less than 4 seconds.
So, the magic has to work in these 4 seconds.

2.) Content: Your website content matters. People come to your site for two reasons:
1.) They either want a product/ service or
2.) They are looking for a solution
Your content should fit their needs. You need to provide them with content that they are searching for.
It should either provide them with a solution for their problems or help them to know in detail about the product that you have got for them.Tell a story. We all love stories and undoubtedly, your customers will also enjoy these. Seek assistance from an expert digital marketing firm that has been providing excellent SEO and content marketing services across various industries.

3.) Unappealing Designs:
Have you ever been taken to a website that seems to be unappealing? How do you expect a site that lacks the personality to attract its customers to generate business? Don’t expect your site to do any good other than warding off the visitors and ultimately dragging your business into the bad books of Google? Follow the left to right rule. It is nothing but keeping in sync with the tendency of human eyes that move from left to right. Keep everything simple and short. Don’t stuff your site with a lot of moving objects unless it is mandatory.

These are the essential points that you need to keep in mind if you want your visitors to stay on your website for a longer time. Aligning with these fundamental principles will convert your visitors into leads which turn into prospects, and they are your customers who take your business to the next level.

Contact us today and get your website designed. We will ensure that your business reaches the right people and you succeed.


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