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1. Quality over Quantity:
Social Media is already a pretty crowded area with over billions of users who follow thousands of different kinds of accounts. The need for quality, relevant content has gone up and most of the social media platforms to have revised their newsfeed algorithm. They now stress upon the relevancy of the content much more over the time of publication. This generation users are preferring access to informative, fresh content to regurgitated posts. Gone are the days when daily postings would ensure visibility. Unique, Relevant and informative content is the need of the day!

2. Encourage Live streaming:
Video Marketing has witnessed an unprecedented hike in popularity ever since its existence. This coupled with live streaming has become a very popular trend that is here to stay. People engage with such videos better as they are to the point, carry a definitive message and also connect with the users on an emotional level.

3. Provide a strong call-to-action button:
Call-to-action buttons are one of the most important aspects of social media marketing. It directs users to take the desired action and therefore has recorded much-improved conversion rates.

4. Stress upon personal apps:
The recent times have observed an increased bias of the search engines towards apps. Here we may take the example of Google which is working on features like app streaming. App streaming not only helps in visibility but is also user-friendly for mobile users. As and when the trend develops, apps shall start playing even more significant roles in the user’s online experiences, slowly rendering the ‘traditional website’ obsolete.

5. Personalization:
Courtesy the easy availability of information from a wide variety of sources, all users this day is spoiled for choices. They want to have control over the newsfeed and access to specific content which is both fresh and relevant. Personalization would ensure that your users receive information that is strictly dependent on their search history, location etc. This has marked the beginning of the need for Niche Marketing which is sure to become a hit trend in the next few years.

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