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Search ads in almost invariably the first kind of ads that go live for any account newly experimenting with Google Adwords. Channel users who have the sole intent of executing something bigger than search can take help of the abundantly populated Internet to learn setting up different kinds of ads. In this article, we shall be exploring Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) and portions from Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI) ads.

1. DSA: Time To Cover All Bases

(This thought can be detrimental while riding the DSA wagon)

One of the earliest mistakes one does while creating a DSA campaign is failing to choose the right negatives to go with the campaign. Poor CTR’s might be caused due to generic messaging and specific targeting, whereas generic targeting and specific marketing usually yield higher bounce rates.

2. DKI: The Double-Edged Sword

(Dynamic Keyword Insertion is undoubtedly one of the coolest features Google has introduced to the search ads).
These ads are cool because they let you automatically insert several search queries dynamically inside your ad copies.

High cost per head? Exactly who even worries about this, right? More often than not your clients are most probably going to disagree. Let us look at some of the pitfalls for using DKI in our ads.

1. The syntax is rendered very important: Always having the tech team around you might not be an easy feat to pull out, and even though it might sound very silly a lot of advertisers can mess up by simply putting in a wrong DKI code on the ad copies. Even though the mistake is presumably tiny, it is displayed to the entire World Wide Web.

2. DKI is not at all easy: The feed for your keyword is highly relevant and targeted. It has been noticed advertisers pull out the entire dictionary feed and the results for the same have been either disastrous or amazing completely depending on which side of the advertisement you are actually on.

3. Don’t misuse dynamically inserted the keyword in every part of your AD just because you can: These results in ad copies with repetitive characters which could have otherwise been used for getting more details into your business.

These are some of the points if kept in mind can help create great ads which can reap greater benefits. Explore, have fun and rake in the ROIs!

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