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You’ve created your site and now it’s time for it to reach the top of the search result page with better representation. If your response was a ‘hell yeah’, it’s time you learn the importance of Structured Data and how it will play a major role in bringing up the rankings of your site. Representation, responsiveness, rankings and good reviews are what makes your site worth reaching the top of Google search result pages. Here is all you need to know about Structured Data.

So- What is Structured Data?

It is a snippet of code that helps search engines to understand your web page for it to appear richer. This is important because all the leading search engines need to know what your page is all about, to render the correct result to the user that was most likely looking for your page. It would also change the way your web page would look in search results and increase your rankings.

How can you create the perfect Structured Data code? Schema.org.

Schema.org takes care of Structured Data needs for your site. If you want your page to appear in an enhanced way in the form of rich snippets, mobile rich cards or as a listing in the knowledge graph, markup from Schema.org is what your site needs.

This markup is important for your SEO. Search engines could use this structured data and understand the contents of your website better. As a result, you might get a better representation of your site on search result pages in the form of rich snippets or rich cards. But, it is not guaranteed that your site would have a rich listing. It all depends on the search engines.

Making your content comprehensible to search engines would help them to do interesting things with your content. Below are examples of rich results that are in use and could be your site someday.

Rich Snippets

Rich Cards

Knowledge Graph

Featured Snippets

Schema.org works for different purposes, depending on what is relevant for your site. It is classified into Creative and Commerce categories. 

The Technical Details-

To understand the markup that is necessary for your site, the primary step to it is to understand how Schema.org works. Their markup has a hierarchy which is available through their documentation on the Schema.org website. It may be overwhelming at the beginning. It can be overcome by going back to the basics and understanding what your site or business is about and write down the specifications and properties that would seem important.

The best way of implementing this markup is by using the JSON-LD format. It is a JavaScript-based format. It’s a lot easier to add Structured Data in this format as compared to embedding it into your HTML code.

If the technicality to Structured Data is something that you aren’t ready to undertake, there’s nothing to worry about. There are plugins in WordPress like Yoast SEO that help you with Structured Data.

To summarize Schema.org is essential if you realize that you want optimal results for your site. If implemented well, it could be the best thing that has ever happened to your site. Search engines are consistent in developing new ways to present search results and more often than not do they use Schema.org data to do so.

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