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WordPress.org VS WordPress.com- The Verdict is OUT!

It is often a point of confusion for all the people starting their own blog using WordPress. Typically while starting out, one finds two kinds of available platforms- WordPress.com and WordPress.org. In this article we are going to explore some of the cardinal differences in between the two,
Wordpress.org provides its patrons with a lot of freedom, but then again it comes with DIY tag while WordPress.com does all the work namely setting up of a domain name, hosting, maintenance etc but it provides very limited freedom.

A Comparative Study

  • WordPress.com only provides you with limited freedom while selecting a theme whereas the former i.e. WordPress.org provides you with full freedom while choosing and customizing your own theme.
  • WordPress.org has thousands of plug-ins readily available for use and as many can be taken up as possible. In WordPress.com only some free or custom built-in plug-ins can be used.
  • WordPress.com blogs are generally FREE for up to 3GB of memory spaces while all the upgrades over it requires payment of extra money. 13GB comes for $99/year and the unlimited version is available for $299/year. In WordPress.org regular hosting charges are incurred and it can be as low as $40/year to expensive high end hosting charges.
  • In WordPress.com you have full freedom to showcase as many ads as you want on your website and you also get to keep the entire ad revenue for yourself. However in WordPress.org you are only allowed to show ads if you have high to at the least moderate traffic to your website. The ad revenues are split on a 50/50 basis.
  • In WordPress.com you are responsible for the upkeep of the maintenance for your website which includes backups, updating of the plug-ins and moderating spam while in WordPress.org the maintenance procedure is handled on its own efficiently.

What’s our pick, WordPress.org or WordPress.com?
In the case of selecting one over the other, cost should not necessarily be the deciding factor over here, even more so because you might probably perform some degree of upgrade when making the use of WordPress.com. Also, ‘free’ stuff always tends towards being extremely mediocre.

First ask this to yourself, what kind of a website/blog is in your mind?
If you are tending towards finding a personal website for yourself, a fun kind of a project and your frequency of posting are maybe only about a few times a month then WordPress.com is your perfect match.
Now you have to understand that, WordPress.org happens to be exactly the opposite of what was mentioned in relation with WordPress.com. If you are planning to monetize a blog heavily and taking it up as a project you shall be investing a large amount of time to then WordPress.org might just be your answer.

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