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There may be two categories of businesses in today’s world – the ones that know how social media marketing is like orange is the new black (in the literal sense of the phrase, not the show) and then there are the ones who are simply not convinced. To some, it may be a powerful tool that would work to their advantage. To others, it may be something of a buzz that is ineffectual.

Since the eve of this digital marketing strategy, there are quite a few tools that are being used by, amongst others, any social media marketing agency and B2B companies that help in increasing their digital presence. Statistically, 80% of marketers indicated that their traffic increased due to their efforts towards social media marketing strategies.

Popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter among others have become the basis for any social marketing service. These platforms have the potential to increase your business and thus get your brand recognized.

Listed below are some of the ways social media marketing can improve your business:

Increased Brand Awareness-

Your presence on social media helps your customers to connect with you. And when you connect with your customers on social media, you retain your customers and gain brand awareness. The content that you publish on social media also plays an important role.  This is because an existing customer will be able to recognize your brand and makes you easily accessible to new customers. For instance, if someone is going through their Facebook feed and comes across your post for the first time. Or someone who was completely disinterested with your services in the beginning but is now better acquainted with your services after seeing you on multiple social media platforms.

Real-time Customer Insights-

Social media platforms are customer data banks. These platforms generate a huge amount of customer data every day. What the customer likes, doesn’t like and how they feel about your brand and services. Through social listening and persistent customer engagement, you can gather data to understand customer preferences and make better business decisions. An example of this could be through customer reviews or surveys.

The Social Listening Tactic-

Social listening is the art of analyzing or monitoring social conversations. This plays a major role because it helps to understand your current audience as well as the trends with your target audience. (Attach png) For example, this tweet from Starbucks is in tune with its target audience. If you are unsure on the tone to communicate with your target audience, try social listening.

Higher Conversion Leads-

Social media has accounted for a maximum number of conversions. It could be for a number of reasons. When a brand interacts with their customer it is like interacting with another human.  Social media is a place where a brand acts like people and people like doing business with other people instead of the company itself.  As a result, when you increase your audience through social media you also increase your chances of conversion.

Increase Your Website Traffic-

There’s no better way to increase traffic to your website but through social media. As the number of shares you receive increases so does the traffic towards your site and this leads to a better ranking of your site on SERPs (link to SERP’s). (Add example picture)

Build and Strengthen Customer Relationships-

Social media platforms are not about boosting your sales but to use them to deliver better customer experience. It is a two-way street. For example, if a customer has booked a service on your site interacting with them before, during and after booking the service helps keep a healthy customer relationship. This is something that ads cannot achieve.

Exceptional Customer Experience-

If a customer has any inquiry or issue with your companies service or product they no longer want to go through the pain of a customer service call. They crave faster responses to their plight. In this case, social media has proven itself in being the fastest way for a brand to communicate with its customers. Hence, a good investment in customer service on social media can help strengthen the relationship between you as a company and the customer.

Know Your Competitors-

Your competitors are already on social media. This means that they have probably taken over the most of the traffic and conversions. It is your duty to make sure that you do not sit idle and build a strategy strong enough to overtake them on social media. At this point, it is better to start acting up on and early stage instead of later. If your competitors are not on social media, grab this opportunity and start reaping the benefits!

Geographically Targeted Content and Ads-

Want to promote your business? Social ads are the economic way to go. It is a solid way to target the right audience. For example, through a Facebook ad, you can target your audience based on location, interests, behaviors, and connections. These ads also help you to track your performance in real time.

Rapid and Easy Sharing-

Previously, companies would face issues with their content not reaching out to the right people at the right time. This is where social media plays a role. It has managed to bridge the gap between the company and the customer by giving companies a platform to share their content faster and easier.

Join the Club!

As you can see, there are many benefits of social media marketing and today’s world also calls for social media management.  You can use this to learn a lot more about your customers, the trends and you’ll have a large number of conversions in no time.