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Social Media Advertising

The most important part of your brand is the story. Let’s tell it.
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Are you Getting Noticed ? in a crowded Digital Market

Social Media Advertising increases brand awareness, let us promote your business & increase traffic to your website by putting your brand in front of customers while they’re interacting on Social Channels. We will develop custom campaigns that will drive traffic, increase search results, and boost customer loyalty.

Social Media Advertising can be a powerful tool for lead generation, consumer awareness & industry authority; there’s never been a better time to take advantage of social media marketing to reach your audience.

Social Media Advertising Services: Here’s how we boost Social Presence:

  1. Increase Traffic – Social media campaigns helps increase organic search, direct traffic, & social followers that generate more business.
  2. Strengthening Authority – The more users engage, the more authoritative you look to search engines, & social media. We create captivating, shareable content that will highlight your brand.
  3. Establishing Local Presence – Customers are 73% more likely to purchase from a business they can find on a social network. We get your presence on the channels your customers can find, connect & engage with your brand. 



2.1B Users are online – Connect with your audience.

Expect More From Your Social Media Marketing Company

Custom Social Strategy

Our advertising strategy is designed to drive revenue. Every brand has its own unique story, and we’re here to help you tell it – simple as that.

Competitive Analysis

Identify & define industry competitors across all social channels , based on keyword research and client inputs.

Campaign Execution

Engage online & constantly run A/B tests across funnel and re-marketing campaigns designed to educate & convert prospective customers.

Audience Research

Use Ad tools to identify target audience, based on keywords, interests, and influencers

Ad Creation & Optimization

Your campaign is created based on target audience, evaluated & optimized to make sure the ads reach as many users as possible.

Measure & Optimize

Set KPIs and Work to generate the highest CTRs, lowest CPCs, and the biggest ROI.

“Social media is about sociology and psychology more than technology.” – Brian Solis

Benefits Of Our Social Media Marketing Services

1. Generate Leads: We look at current & historical data to determine which sites will be best for your brand in terms of engagement and lead generation.

2. Target The Right Audience: Get more for your marketing budget by running social ads targeted to your most qualified leads.

3. Your Brand`s Story: Share your company’s human side & build a connection with your audience . We’ll curate customer success stories & behind-the-scenes moments in order to show the values & interests that make your brand unique.

4. Build Buzz: We’ll maximize participation by sharing creative updates about the event on your social media networks. Build more anticipation, capture more emails, and gain new fans through our event promotion.
5. Build An Online & Local Presence: We thoroughly audit social sites and business listings to ensure all your information is correct and that customers searching can easily find what they’re looking for.

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Why your Company Should Consider Social Media Marketing ?

The true power of social media comes from the ability to create digital conversations with your customers and clients. Your customers are constantly interacting with brands through social media, therefore, having a strong social media marketing plan & presence online is the key to tap into their interest. Marketing with social media can bring remarkable success to your company.

Our social media strategies that gets results: Generate leads Engage your audience Show customers your brand personality Increase your online and local presence Expand the reach of your original content

We analyze your business goals carefully & make recommendations enhancing your brand’s presence & online communication.

Generate Awareness About Your Company and Objectives

Generating leads is not all that social media can do. You harness the true potential of social media when you use it to communicate to your existing and potential customers on what your brand is about.

With a large number of people now on social media, there is a good window of opportunity to promote your brand and business. In the beginning, putting your brand out there may be a challenge. Emanate Digital is your solution. Our team of social media gurus understands the market and the target audience right for your brand to flourish. We use Visual help in the form of images, videos to gain the traction that is required. It is a plus point because that’s where your customers connect with your brand at a higher level.

Your Ads, Measured and Optimized At Every Step

Ad campaigns require continuous monitoring and performance checks. Every day, users are exposed to a large database of information. The users need to know why should they click on your ad? What is it about your company that is different from others?

Content here plays it’s role because users will click only when they see what they want to see. Not every user will connect with your message. This is just one factor that impacts your ad. Other factors include conversion rates, click-through rates, social metrics and much more. Emanate Digital monitors these factors and optimizes your ads to bring the best return on your investment.

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Branding Checklist for Physicians You will learn about all that you need to establish a clear and consistent visual identity for your business:

1. Establishing A Proper Business Identity
2. Brand Visibility
3. Credibility

SEO Provider: Frequently Asked Questions

How much Does it Cost?
We have great semi-custom websites & full custom options for every practice and every budget. Our marketing package pricing is designed to fit your individual needs and is reflective of the work being done. Our goal is to make sure both parties are extremely happy with the results.
Do you have any time commitment contracts?
We are performance players! We have no time commitment contracts on our websites or marketing services. We would hate for any client to be unhappy with our service and unable to do anything about it. If we don’t live up to our end of the bargain, you’re free to find another provider.
What Results can to expect, working with a SEO Company does ?
We will never work with a client’s competitor. Period. It just isn’t possible to promise one dentist the best in SEO services, and then promise the same to his/her competitor. Our services are “exclusive” to your practice, when you trust us with your business.
What is the hourly cost for update and support?
All of our website updates and changes are 100% free. In fact, we encourage modifications to your site! This means no more hourly charges quickly racking up to a hefty bill for one simple website change. We pledge to have all edits or changes done within 48 hours but generally have them done in a few hours of the request. We also offer free marketing support & consultation 24/7.
Can I measure the results of my success?
Of course! We plug every client’s website into Google Analytics and offer full reporting solutions. Each client can see measurable results with full transparency. This way you know just how effective our SEO and marketing solutions can be.

Market Beyond The Search Engines – Emanate Maximizes ROI with social media campaigns that will spike your traffic, promote your brand and grow leads & sales.

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