Irrespective of your industry, you need to remain number one. To keep that rank you need to stay informed about the latest trends in the market. Listed are some of the blogs that we as marketers use to keep up with these trends, rules, and recommendations in the industry. There one for every category and need in Digital Marketing. Also, get exclusive access to everything you need to know about Digital Marketing curated by our very own marketing professionals.


1. Neil Patel’s Blog




What better articles to read than the ones drafted by the SEO guru? Neil Patel’s blog speaks about everything SEO. Along with his blog, he offers services to increase traffic to your website through SEO and the results rendered are too compelling to ignore. You can view them here. His blog is a complete saga with SEO trends from the beginning of his journey until today.


2. Moz Blog




Every digital marketer out there knows the importance of SEO for their business. SEO trends keep changing and you need to know these trends first-hand. The Moz Blog is your blog to get any latest news on SEO. They list everything there is in SEO with the ever-changing rules and guidelines. Whether you’re a beginner or expert, it has all the content you’ll ever need to understand the trends in SEO.


3. Google Webmaster Central Blog




SEO is the process of getting traffic to your website the organic way. One of the most extensively used search engines is Google. Where better to get the latest trends in SEO than the industry giant itself? Google Webmaster Central is the blog for all your SEO related information. Its clean-cut and nonsense-free approach provides the necessary information and tools that Google utilizes themselves. Driven by facts, the information on this blog won’t waste your time.


4. Google Inside AdWords




Surprised? I think not. Google AdWords blog contains all the PPC juice you’ll need to create better ads. A PPC marketing expert cannot live without the crucial tips and insights from the blog. While many posts promote Google products, it is the factual information and research done on the content published that makes it a necessity to come back to the blog for more PPC brownie points.


5. Content Marketing Institute




Content Marketing Institute has a little bit of everything. It includes a how-to guide to set your content budget, a model to set a good content marketing strategy and much more. Their articles focus on the key to content marketing – keeping content light and fun while delivering valuable information. In other words, making an impact with a minimum number of words.


6. CopyBlogger




Want to learn about everything that’s there in content marketing?
CopyBlogger is your go-to blog. It helps you focus on the big picture about content marketing, keep you up with the latest trends, and what is relevant in the market. You will find guides and other helpful content and receive various insights on the structure of content.


7. Vero




Vero prides itself on being an event-driven email platform for product-focused teams. They understand that data is everything have engineered a product that will handle all your customer interactions. In addition to its features and service, they boast an amazing blog. Being experts in personalized email marketing, they provide robust solutions to all your email marketing problems.


8. SendGrid




From best email practices to email marketing, partnerships, and community events, SendGrid has content enough to quench your thirst for information. On their blog, you can filter posts by category to look into a particular topic. Like other sites, SendGrid offers solutions and services in addition to a marvelous blog.


9. Convince and Convert




They pride themselves on being practitioners of social media, content marketing, influencer marketing, and customer experience. Digital Marketing advisors led by Jay Baer will tell you all you need to know about the industry. They also offer a wide range of resources like ebooks, blogs, podcasts, and much more. The articles on their blog are short, precise, and to the point. In short, the content they give will help improve your content.


10. Social Media Explorer




Ranked as one of the top 10 Social Media Blogs in 2017, they boast a team of contributors and VIP Explorers who are “done with dull and impatient with the ineffectual.” Known as renegades in the social media market, their blog is filled with original and insightful content that helps you “discern the marketing wheat from the withering chaff”, as they say. The blog filled with valuable insights will give you the “wow” factor that your social media content needs.


11. Kissmetrics




The blog gives you insights into analytics, marketing, and testing. Kissmetrics is known for its expertise in Data-driven Marketing. Their posts are mainly solutions to companies to improve its online marketing efforts. The plus point behind their blog posts is they are backed with metrics to support their posts and provide reasoning for the advice given.


12. Seth’s Blog




According to Business Week, Seth Godin is known as “the ultimate entrepreneur of the information age”. He’s also the best-selling author for ten of his books. A mixture of short passages and some lengthy pieces here and there, it perfectly describes the fundamentals of business. For a better insight into the art of marketing, his book called “All Marketers are Liars” is your antidote.