The Social Media Marketing team is lucky in a way that it has access to a large number of tools to analyze customer engagement on social media. Though you may have all the data you need, it is difficult to design an ironclad social media strategy as the trends change from time to time.

Let’s take an example of Twitter. Planning an effective Tweet strategy can be a bit of brain teaser. How can you identify the tweets that speak to your audience or the ones of their interest? How can you increase your efforts and amplify your reach?

In this post, we will discuss the ways we can use the Twitter Analytics dashboard to leverage your marketing strategy. The approaches listed below can be used to experiment, furthermore, understand your target audience and create content of value. Additionally, it helps with creating an identity for your business.



1. The interest of your followers
You would often think that it’s just the data behind the tweets and their engagement, but there’s more to it. Twitter Analytics’ audience insights dashboard gives data behind your followers’ interests. If your tweets are about beauty products and trends and a majority of your audience’s interests lie elsewhere, your engagement reduces. How do you know what the people want? The audience insights dashboard. The reduces the amount of guesswork that goes into understanding what your audience would be interested in and get better results.

2. The region your followers are located
Have you ever posted a tweet at a particular time and wondered why the engagement went through the roof? It could be night time where you are and just the beginning of the day for someone else. Twitter gives a bifurcation of your audience by country and state.

3. The accounts your followers follow
To make our business stand out from our competitors involves competitor analysis. Twitter will give a list of the people your followers also follow.

4. Tweet when your audience is online
Twitter has given you an overview of your audience by country and region in the demographics tab. Posting tweets when your audience is online increases the amount of engagement. You can use this time to spread the word about any promotions or campaigns.


5. Type of engagement – favorite or retweet?
You notice that some posts got great engagement over time, does that mean each of them performed the same? You can get a detailed analysis of each of those tweets. Were they favorites or retweets? Favorites symbolize appreciation. The tweet meant something to that person and hence favorited it. Retweets, your tweet has value. Someone saw that the tweet was valuable and chose to share it. Either way, it is counted as engagement.

6. Recreating the winning tweets
Twitter has given you the tweets that got the most engagement or performed well. Once you’ve understood what resonates with your audience, start creating content similar to those tweets. For instance, if you notice that three of your recent tweets with images have performed the best, try including different graphics content into your strategy.

7. Tweet reach – favorites and retweets
A drawback to Twitter Analytics is it may give your all the impressions, but it does not give you the number of retweets for that specific tweet. Buffer is a social media management tool that can fill in the gaps with Twitter analytics. In this way, you can figure out the reach of a specific tweet or of all tweets.

8. Plan your campaign on relevant events
What better time to tweet than about relevant events? Twitter is a platform to share your opinions, passions and real-world events. These events can be major events like festivals and minor events like #TGIFridays or #MondayBlues. You can discover these events through Twitters events dashboard and plan your tweets and create the content in relevance to that event.

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